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I received a note from David yesterday about how much he enjoyed his first ever “shoot out”.  So a word of thanks for making that happen, and a key part of it was your instruction time.  You really made the event a lot of fun and a lot safer.

We hope to make another trip next week depending on weather, which does not appear to be cooperating.

Again Thanks and I will email next week if the weather and time permits.


Roland Hampton
Austin, TX



“hey, had a blast (pardon the pun) yesterday. Really  enjoyed the time.

David Brock
Dripping Springs, TX



"After getting a few "pointers" and trying to get the basics of handgun shooting down on my own, I decided to book a lesson with Norhala.  All I can say is "wow".  She did a great job of catching and correcting a few bad habits I had.  Even more helpful, she broke down every step, reinforcing the right habits.  Improvement was nearly immediate and now I know what I need to practice to improve…and it was fun.  Consider this a five-star endorsement."

Jay Owen



“I just wanted to say thank y'all for an enjoyable class. I learned a lot about chl holders. It was very interesting. There's a lot more to a chl than people realize. I personally think that everybody should take a class like y'alls, even if they don't want to carry a weapon….

Have a Great Day!"

Stan Bassett

Bassett Cabinet
Johnson City

September 5, 2012


"Thanks for the most professional training I could have found!!"

Gary Pennington

Dripping Springs, TX

September 10, 2012


"Thanks so much for our class its fascinating...I know if I was in danger this will save a life.

Kristin got a doe at camp...thanks to your fun shoots, this family will eat...!"

Tammy Eckenrode

Faith Works Day Spa 
Johnson City, TX

December 9, 2012



 Again I want to thank you for the instructions these past 2 days. I am amazed at how quickly and how much information I was able to obtain and retain with your patience and methodical teaching. A little information for anyone reading first time to ever shoot a pistol (38 revolver) was at the gun range with Norhala. At the end of the first class I was given the opportunity to shoot my 2nd gun ever the Glock 36 .45.   I was in love with the Glock the 1st time I pulled the trigger. In only 2 days my confidence has soared and I feel I can defend myself without a second thought. 

Being a woman and having a woman teach me was the best decision I could have made. 

Ladies don't hesitate, if you can't defend yourself, give Norhala a call."
Billie Cooper

Johnson City, TX

February 22, 2013


Hi Norhala,

I am really glad I got you to get my nephew and his son off to a good, safe start with pistol shooting. They enjoyed it thoroughly and said you are a fine instructor.

I'd like to bring Brett and Drake out to practice what you taught them. Don't need an instructor this time, just permission to come out and practice. Is there a time slot open Sunday, March XX in the afternoon?


Bruce Renfro

Driftwood, TX

February 22, 2013


Hello!  Just a note to say I will not be able to make it this weekend.  Was so looking forward to saying hello, but both days are spoken for already.  Hope you all have a great time.  Am learning a bunch about carrying and practicing frequently.  Thanks for the service y'all provide for those who care for our rights to carry!

I hope to make the next one!  By all means feel free to use whatever you need for the comments spot, I believe folks would agree once they sat in on your classes and had the oppportunity to meet you guys!  Have a great and safe weekend. 

Drew Walker

Johnson City, TX

April 8, 2013

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