July 2014


Hello everyone and hope y’all are having a safe and happy Summer! 

The Independence Day Fun Shoot was great this year – we didn’t get rained on at all! (ha ha) Those who were able to make it had a good time, and those of y’all who didn’t make it missed a good time!  Camping out, good company, good food, good beverages…oh, and putting lead downrange!...don’t think it gets any better than that!

 We moved the range tower further South to get about 20’ clear of the power lines, so we could safely add four flagpoles – two tall vertical ones for the US and Texas flags, and two shorter ones on the front of the range tower for other flags (depends on the mood of the moment!)  We will fly the Texas and US flags 24/7, and plan to install a solar-powered floodlight to properly illuminate them at night.

 Our next major Fun Shoot will probably be the Annual Halloween Zombie Shoot…and we’re thinking about a ‘Vikings vs Zombies’ theme this year…let us know what you think, and send ideas or suggestions, too!  We plan to have zombies of various flavors (yes, the bleeding/exploding ones!), goodies, games (including the ever-popular zombie brain skeet target), eerie music, decorations, lots of fun…and, of course, Tannerite to really light things up! 

 We are giving some thought to a monthly shoot that is a combination of training, practice, and ‘fun’ – if it’s something you’d be interested in, or if you have ideas of topics or scenarios you would like to explore, let us know! 

 As there has been some misunderstanding or confusion on range time, we want to clarify the policy here, especially as more folks want to come shoot and weekends fill up.  While we make an effort to have one group/family/individual on the range at a time, it is not guaranteed.  As we always cover in our orientation/safety briefing, there will be occasions when other shooters will be arriving and/or leaving overlapping your arrival or departure times, or actively shooting at the same time on a different area of the range.  On such occasions, there will normally be a Range Officer present to ensure that everythingruns smoothly, and that safety rules and range protocol are followed.  We expect - and appreciate! - all range members behaving in a considerate manner, and cooperating with each other and the Range Officer, so everyone can have a good shooting experience.

Just to keep it fresh in everyone’s mind…please pick up ALL your empty cases - brass/steel/aluminum/shotshells/22s.  Shotgun wads only can go in the “paper” trash cans.  Please put empty cases in the Brass Bucket – NOT on the range tower floor from now on.  We will try to make sure the bucket is emptied regularly, and plan to provide one for shotshells.  Until we do, spent shotshells can go in the regular brass bucket.  If you can separate steel cases from brass, that’s great, as it helps keep rust off the brass cases.  The steel and aluminum cases can be stacked on the island if there isn’t a bucket available. 

 The coreplast backers are now stored under the range tower, rather than on the tower floor, and please use caution when lifting them out, in case there are small creatures hiding in them.  Please remember to pull the staples when you remove the coreplast from the frames and return them to their place under the range tower.

The large 4 X 8 rifle target frame was shot into scrap, so we are working to replace it with a new one.  Please, shoot carefully.  Rapid fire is okay, as long as it remains controlled – if target frames or uprights (or anything else) are being damaged by rapid fire, we’ll have to stop allowing it except for pre-qualified shooters.  Keep in mind that the waiver you signed says you accept responsibility for any damage that you cause while on the range. 

With the summer heat, remember to bring sufficient water, and we strongly suggest hats and sunscreen for those who burn easily.  Pop-up shades are great, if you want to bring one.

That pretty much does it for now – y’all have a great summer, come shoot with us when you can, and send in your ideas for monthly get-togethers and the Halloween Fun Shoot!
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