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A veteran family-owned, vet and family-friendly, membership/invitation-only private firearms range
located just south of Johnson City, Texas

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Pistol, rifle, and shotgun target areas on site


On occasion, we have targets (including Tannerite© Exploding Targets) for sale

** you MUST request targets when you request range reservation **

…and we also offer

* Pistol, Carbine, and Shotgun Courses
(for Training Course information, click
If you don't see what you're interested in, email
and we can create a customized class for you.

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Members are also invited to participate in ‘Fun Shoots’ and Range Work Days



Coming soon…cool videos of some of the fun things we’ve done!

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Range Usage & Membership Options

Invited Non-Member Range Fee:
Minor (less than 18 years old) Shooting with Adult $5/visit
Should you decide to buy a membership within 30 days after a single-visit fee has been paid,
your single-visit fee will be deducted from your membership fee, 
and your membership will start on
the date of your original paid visit.

Basic Individual Membership:
$35/year + $5/range visit
$10/visit for each adult guest - Minor Shooting with Adult $5/visit

Deluxe Individual Membership:
$100/year, no per-visit fee
$10/visit for each adult guest - Minor Shooting with Adult $5/visit

Basic Couples' Membership:
$65/year + $5/range visit
$10/visit for each adult guest - Minor Shooting with Adult $5/visit

Deluxe Couples' Membership:
$125/year, no per-visit fee
$10/visit for each adult guest - Minor Shooting with Adult $5/visit

Basic Family Membership:
$75/year + $5/range visit for each listed family member

$10/visit for each adult guest - Minor Shooting with Adult $5/visit
Family Information sheet required

Deluxe Family Membership:
$150/year, no per-visit fee for listed family members
$10/visit for each adult guest - Minor Shooting with Adult $5/visit
Family Information sheet required

Ask us about special discounts for active-duty military and law enforcement personnel.


About Our Range

(changes & updates are in red)

Due to people putting live rounds in the paper trash, we no longer provide trash cans.

Please take ALL your trash with you when you leave the Range,
bottles, cans, used targets, tape, shot wads and expended shells, etc.


Steel cases and .22 cases are NOT to be included in the brass buckets or stacks.
Pick them up and take them with you, as with the rest of your trash. 

If either are found on range, in the brass buckets, or anywhere else,
steel ammo and .22 will be banned from use on the range.

Leave brass cases in the brass buckets or on the island if the buckets are full.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

We are not open to the public – we are a
membership/invitation-only private firearms range.

The range is generally available from 8 a.m. to dusk Monday thru Saturday, 9 a.m. to dusk on Sunday. 

* * * * * * * *

We are Texans, and Americans, and Veterans, and proud of it! 

While we do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation,
sexual orientation, gender, or any other factor, we do reserve the right to refuse service, access,
and/or membership to anyone at our sole discretion. 
Any language or behavior that is discriminatory or offensive is not acceptable here, and will not be
tolerated.  Our Range ‘family’ is a diverse one, and we want everyone to enjoy themselves and feel welcome.

We are law-abiding, patriotic, pro-America, 2nd Amendment-loving firearms owners and trainers,
and our range atmosphere reflects that attitude. 
We do not condone violent overthrow of the government, nor any other unlawful activity,
nor will we tolerate discussion of any such unlawful activity.

And, while we recognize and actively support each individual's right to their opinion and
First Amendment-protected free speech,  this is a private range.  

Every person’s use of the range – whether as a member or a guest - includes a signed agreement
to follow this policy, and everyone is expected to observe this policy while on these premises.

Failure to do so will result in expulsion and/or banning with no refunds.

Thank you for doing your part to help everyone enjoy a fun, friendly, All-American atmosphere.

* * * * * * * * * *  

First-time range visit – whether shooting or not - requires completion of a safety orientation, range protocol briefing,
and a signed release waiver for all members, guests, and invited non-members. 

* Failure to follow all safety rules and range protocol can result in ejection and/or banning
from the range and cancellation of membership without refund.

* If a member invites a guest, the member is responsible for that guest and their behavior while on the range. 
If you have doubts whether your guest will follow the rules or behave appropriately, don’t bring them –

* If you or your guest plan to bring a minor child/children (under 18 yrs) of whom you are NOT the legal guardian,
let us know prior to their first visit.
We will send two waiver/permission forms that must be completed and signed by a parent/legal guardian of the minor child, and
brought with the minor,  in order for the minor to be on the range. 
The parent/legal guardian agrees that the person bringing the minor is responsible
for decision-making on behalf of the minor (in loco parentis), should the parent/legal guardian not be able to be contacted
in the case of an emergency.    

* Family memberships include immediate family members only. 
Family is defined as parent(s) and children under 18 years old living at home.
Children over 18 are included if they are in school or on their first tour of military duty.
All family members who will participate in shooting activities must be listed on the family membership application. 
All family members who will be on any part of the range must have a signed waiver on file, whether shooting or not.  
Parents/guardians are directly responsible for minors.

* Range time must be scheduled in advance to avoid conflict with training classes, etc.
Please check the Range Calendar page for availability before you request range time.

While we make an effort to have one group/family/individual on the range at a time, it is not
guaranteed.  As stipulated in our orientation/safety briefing, there will be occasions when
other shooters will be arriving and/or leaving overlapping your arrival or departure times,
or actively shooting at the same time on a different area of the range.
On these occasions, there may be a Range Officer present to ensure that everything
runs smoothly, and that safety rules and range protocol are followed (see below).
We expect - and appreciate! - all range members behaving in a considerate manner, and cooperating
with each other and the Range Officer, if present, so everyone can have a good shooting experience.

or text/call 830-385-6332 to request range time,
and if you get voicemail, please leave your name, number, and a message.  
We’ll check availability and get back to you.  

NOTE: We understand that stuff happens and people sometimes run late. If you need us to meet you on the range for an orientation, to buy targets, etc., and you find that you will be running more than a couple of minutes late, please be courteous and let us know. Text or send an email! - as we are usually on the range about 5 minutes before a reserved time, and if you are late, it leaves us standing around waiting.


Everything else is of lesser importance.

To remove any doubt and make it crystal clear - the Range Safety Rules, as well as any instructions or directions given by
the Senior Range Officer present on the range, are for the safety and protection of everyone,
and everyone – without exception – will follow them. 
They are NOT negotiable, and while you may get a warning, you might not. 

Each person who comes onto the range area, whether shooting or not, has or will sign a waiver and agree(d) that you
will follow all the rules, with the specific understanding that failure to do so can result in your expulsion and/or
permanent banning from the range.
  There are no excuses for breaking the Safety rules.

The Senior Range Officer is the ultimate authority on the range at all times.  His/her word is absolute,
and must be obeyed immediately and without question. 

The Senior Range Officer may, as circumstances dictate, designate Assistant Range Officer(s) to help maintain
safety and order, and the Assistant Range Officer is also subject to the authority of the Senior Range Officer. 

If there are any questions on this topic, please contact us for further clarification.


Courtesy and Range Etiquette Guidelines

We expect our range members to be responsible for themselves and their guests,
and we all appreciate the effort each person makes to keep the range clean, safe,
and ready for the next shooter to use.
Please take time to read the guidelines that ensure the shooting 
experience here is good for everyone, and help us keep our materials, maintenance,
and membership costs low. 


Please Read!!

*** The 4X8 rifle sight-in target got so shot up that we have had to repair/rebuild it for the third time.

The new target is white with a wide red border on all sides and also from top to bottom in the center.

It is located on the North end of the range, at the foot of the berm, where the old target stood. 


It is not to be used for rifle practice nor for any pistol work. Please keep your pistol shooting on the East side of the range (where the numbered shooting lanes are located).  We do have a lead sled available for sight-in, and will also be happy to help with your sighting in, if you like.

When you place your target, do NOT let any portion of the target touch/cover the red areas.  We will be monitoring use of this target, and checking after shooters to see whether there is damage to the target frame. If damage is found, the shooter(s) responsible will be charged a fee toward the repair/replacement of the frame. We're not happy to have to be hard about this, but unfortunately, there are those who are not careful with their shot and target placement, even after being reminded, and our cost and time involved in repairing/replacing this large target has made it necessary. 


Our requirements for sighting in a new rifle or new optics are simple, but must be followed: Get on paper from 15 to 25 yards, and ensure that your point of aim is your point of impact. Only after you are good on paper at the closer distance should you move to the 100-yard table.  We're talking about a NEW rifle and/or a NEW scope. If you sighted in last season and want to make sure you're still on, you can probably get away with the 100-yard table, but we would prefer you verify at the closer range and then move back. 


We understand that the coreplast will eventually get shot up, but that takes a LOT of rounds, and we also understand the occasional errant round impacting the frame.  However, your careful target placement and shot placement will help a lot. What we are trying to avoid is having to rebuild the entire target frame, and only replace the coreplast, as necessary.  We do NOT want this target frame shot up again, so once you are sighted in, set one of the portable targets for your practice rounds. Please remember, if you tear it up, you pay for it.  If you need help or direction as to which portable frames to use for rifle target practice, please ask!

Please take advantage of the Range Calendar to check prior to requesting range time! Just click on the link above or on the Range Calendar tab at the top of the page.  We hope it will help y'all knowing what range dates and times are available, and make scheduling easier.  Reserved range time will show as 'Reserved', and the calendar is updated every evening, so what you see should be fairly accurate.  The range will be open regular hours unless marked 'Closed' on the calendar.  However, if you see 'No Orientations', that means while the range is open for reservations, no one will be available for a new member or a guest orientation/safety briefing that day.  Once you check a given day and time, you can still email, text, or call to request your range reservation. 

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have. 


* Leave things as you found them…or better! 
Put tables and chairs back under the trees behind the range tower,
police up brass, trash, etc. if those ahead of you forgot their manners and left it. 

As noted above, we no longer provide trash cans,
so please carry your trash home! 

If you do find things damaged or a mess when you
arrive, please let us know so we can address it on a personal basis. 

Please….pick up after yourselves, and after your guests.

** Staples are no longer allowed on range. Targets must be taped to the coreplast backers, and we suggest using blue painter's tape, as it holds well and can be easily removed when you return your coreplast to the range tower. 
Please remove targets and tape so the coreplast is clean for the next shooter.

* We strongly suggest you put together a range bag, which might include:

1) eye protection for all shooters, and hearing protection, which is
required for each person on range, whether shooting or not.
If you prefer not to bring your own,
you can buy disposable earplugs $1/pr or rent safety glasses $3/visit. 
Request when you make your range reservation.

2) blue painter's tape  to attach targets to the coreplast backers. 

3) ammunition appropriate to the firearm(s) you bring

4) hats, drinking water, and sunscreen are recommended

5) pop-up shades/canopies are acceptable

* We have allowed cigarette smoking on the range, with the stipulations that
smoking be done only where there is no grass or flammable material (doh!),
and that butts be field stripped and disposed of in the trash can or taken with you. 
Unfortunately, there are some who abuse this privilege. 
If any more cigarette butts are found on the range or
in the brass buckets, we will ban smoking altogether.  

*  If you chew, please, use a spit cup and take it
with you when you leave. 
Nobody wants to step in or set their ammo box or firearms or
gear bag down in a glob of tobacco spit! 

* Shoot only designated/approved targets…no cans, bottles, fruits or vegetables, homemade targets, etc. 
If you want to shoot any target you want to bring,
please ask ahead of time. 
We will want to look at anything we don’t provide to be sure it’s safe,
and that its use won’t
compromise range safety or damage any existing target frames, etc. 

If a target is not on the open range area, ask before shooting it.
Some are for class and other purposes, and not for 'open range' use.

Aim carefully – damage to the target frames and wood uprights cost time
and money to repair/replace…
and your point of aim should be the center of the target, not the edges! 
Keep your shots as low as is practical, to ensure no rounds escape the bermed area.

* We are not set up for skeet or trap shooting at this time, although that is in the plans for future improvements. 
Shotgun guidelines are shown below.

* This is a 'lost brass' range, and we use the brass to help defray operating
and maintenance costs,
and just as importantly, we want to keep the range clean and safe. 

Pick up all your empty cases…
brass, steel, .22 cases, shot shells and wads, all of it. 
    a.  Please separate steel cases from brass – there will usually be at least two brass cans in the range area, but if not,
put brass in the can labeled 'BRASS' or if the bucket is full, on the island.

    b.  If you’re going to shoot .22, it’s strongly recommended that you bring a
tarp to catch your brass, unless you really want to
spend the time to pick each and every one up off the ground. 
Don’t expect someone else to pick them up after you.
If .22 shooters continue to leave their brass on the ground, .22s will no longer be permitted. 

c.  If you reload, you’re welcome to recover your cases and take them with you -
just let us know.

d.  If you’re shooting in the late afternoon, be sure you stop early enough to have time to pick up your brass and trash before it gets too dark to see.

e.  If you find live rounds while picking up your brass
or you experience a misfire that results in an unfired live round,
please take them with you and dispose of them safely.
This can be done by submerging the round in turpentine or mineral oil
for about a month, which will render the primer and powder inert.

f. You are welcome to take the white plastic tables and chairs down range. 
Please put them back near the Range Tower on the south end
of the range when you are finished. 

Please ask before moving any of the wooden barriers, as they may be pre-set for a training class.


Basic Guidelines for Shotgun

* The steel knockdown targets on the Northeast corner of the range are for birdshot only -
no buckshot, no slug, no pistol or rifle ammo due to the danger of ricochet. 
None of the other steel targets are to be used, also due to ricochet danger.
They are for training classes using frangible ammo only.

* For testing and patterning - you will need to bring your own target system, and we must okay it before use;


We will show you how to use our frames, and you provide your own 2x2 uprights and targets
(the uprights will be damaged - guaranteed).

* Slug and buckshot are okay on testing/patterning targets that you furnish.

* No aerial shooting at present time due to legal issues of rounds leaving the bermed area of the range
 and safety concerns with proximity of overhead power lines.
We are researching how to make aerial possible, and will keep Members advised.


If you want to become a Range Member,
you can be referred by a current Range Member,
take one of our Training Classes, take a class taught by
one of the other instructors who use our range,
or you can email 
here or call/text 830-385-6332.
If you get voicemail, please leave your name, number, and a message. 

We will ‘invite’ you to visit as a guest, send you driving directions,
and set up a time to meet with you for your orientation/safety briefing,
and to complete your release waiver prior to you using the range.  

* * * * * * * * *

Membership options are shown above – cash only, please.   

* * * * * * * * * 


Please email, call, text, or click here to send us your contact information, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!


Firearms Transfers are offered at no charge to Range Members.
Gunsmithing is available through our sister site

Wild Bill's Guns
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